The Oracle DBMS_PIPE package is a part of the Oracle database server that provides interprocess communication between sessions within the same Oracle database instance. It’s a powerful tool for developers who need to implement messaging or signaling mechanisms between different sessions or processes in the database.

One of the procedures available in the DBMS_PIPE package is REMOVE_PIPE. This procedure is used to remove a private or public pipe that was previously created using the DBMS_PIPE.CREATE_PIPE procedure. Removing a pipe is an important step in managing the resources within an Oracle database, as it helps to ensure that unused pipes do not persist indefinitely, potentially consuming system resources unnecessarily.


The syntax for the DBMS_PIPE.REMOVE_PIPE procedure is relatively straightforward:

    pipe_name IN VARCHAR2);

pipe_name: This is the name of the pipe you wish to remove. The name is case-sensitive and must match exactly the name that was used when the pipe was created.


To use DBMS_PIPE.REMOVE_PIPE, you simply call the procedure with the name of the pipe you want to remove. For example, if you have previously created a pipe named ‘my_pipe’, you would remove it like this:



Security: Ensure that the operation to remove a pipe is performed with appropriate security considerations. Depending on your database’s security model, you may want to restrict who can remove pipes to prevent unintentional or malicious disruptions in your application’s communication mechanisms.

Existence Check: Before attempting to remove a pipe, it might be prudent to check if the pipe exists. This can prevent errors in your application if the pipe has already been removed or was never created.

Public vs. Private Pipes: The REMOVE_PIPE procedure can be used to remove both private and public pipes. However, the visibility and access to these pipes depend on how they were created. Ensure you understand the scope of the pipe you are removing.

Impact on Communication: Removing a pipe that is actively being used for communication between processes can disrupt that communication. Ensure that the pipe is no longer needed or that processes have been properly notified or migrated to a different communication mechanism before removal.


The DBMS_PIPE.REMOVE_PIPE procedure is a simple yet essential part of managing pipes within the Oracle database. Proper use of this procedure helps maintain a clean, efficient, and secure database environment by allowing developers to remove unneeded pipes, thus freeing up resources and ensuring that communication mechanisms remain well-organized.