PL/SQL Tutorial

Welcome to the website. I hope that you can consider this website to be an useful resource of pl/sql language for both beginners and advanced developers.
You can read and learn about pl/sql language using simple tutorials with syntax and examples.

About PL/SQL language!

The PL/SQL language is an extension of SQL language developed by Oracle Corporation and the full name it is the Procedural Language/Structured Query Language.

The PL/SQL language is a procedural programming language which allows data manipulation and sql query to be included in blocks. PL/SQL can be used to group multiple instructions in a single block and sending the entire block to the server in a single call.

The main sections on language PL/SQL are:

Data Types
DML Statements
Select Query
Table Joins
Stored Procedures
Collections and Records
Exception Handling
Error Messages
Data Dictionary
Interview Questions and Answers

PL/SQL is composed of logical blocks, the main types of blocks are:

– Anonymous blocks are block unnamed and not forming the body of a procedure, function or trigger;
– Blocks of type function and procedure;
– Blocks trigger – contains the PL/SQL code to be executed when certain actions or events occurring in the database;
– Nested blocks – used to handle errors.

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