Create index oracle

In Oracle PL/SQL, creating an index is a common practice to improve the performance of queries by allowing the database engine to quickly locate and retrieve rows based on the indexed columns. An index is a database object that provides a fast access path to the data in a table.


To create an index in Oracle PL/SQL, you can use the CREATE INDEX statement. Here is a basic syntax for creating an index:

CREATE INDEX index_name
ON table_name (column1, column2, ...);

Let’s break down the components of this statement:

CREATE INDEX: This is the keyword combination that signals the database engine to create a new index.

index_name: This is the name you give to the index. It should be unique within the schema.

ON table_name: Specifies the table on which the index is being created.

(column1, column2, …): Lists the columns on which the index is created. You can create an index on one or more columns. Indexes on multiple columns are called composite indexes.


Here’s a simple example:

CREATE INDEX emp_name_idx
ON employees (last_name, first_name);

In this example, an index named emp_name_idx is created on the employees table with the columns last_name and first_name. This index allows the database to quickly find rows based on the last name and first name columns.

It’s important to note a few considerations:

Index Types: Oracle supports various index types, such as B-tree, Bitmap, and Clustered. The default is usually a B-tree index, which is suitable for most cases.

Impact on Performance: While indexes can significantly improve query performance, they also have an impact on insert, update, and delete operations. Each modification to the indexed columns requires the corresponding index to be updated, so it’s essential to strike a balance between query performance and the overhead of maintaining indexes.

Index Maintenance: Regularly monitor and maintain indexes to ensure optimal performance. This may involve rebuilding or reorganizing indexes, especially in high-transaction databases.

Create index oracle examples

Below are a list of oracle pl/sql create index examples.
You can learn how create indexes like: B-tree, bitmap, cluster index, explicit index, unique index, function-based, index with collect statistics.

In summary, creating an index in Oracle PL/SQL is a powerful tool for optimizing database performance, but it requires careful consideration of the specific needs and characteristics of the database and its usage patterns.